Concept Development:  We believe many are called to create books of every kind that reveal the Word of Jesus in our world. You may have an idea for a book that needs to be fleshed out or clarified. will partner with you to walk through the concept development process. It doesn't matter if your goal is to market your book nationally or to print a small number for a Bible study; we'll find a solution for you that best fits your needs.

Manuscript Preparation:  Where do we begin to develop a working manuscript? People write in a variety of ways: jotting ideas down on paper, recording on their computer, or dictating into a machine.  can help with transcribing and formatting your ideas, to sell your story most effectively. This is not an overnight process, however, if you do it right from the beginning, it will save you time.

Manuscript Clean-Up:  Regardless of how you chose to publish (seeking a traditional publisher, self-publishing, contracting with a print-on-demand company, or E-book) the manuscript must be properly formatted for submission. This is the time to look at your manuscript with a more critical eye. As you do, you will see many areas that require clean-up. That's where can help. We will let you know the critical areas to focus on to present your ideas the way they're intended.

Manuscript Editing:  Putting the finishing touches on your manuscript requires one of the most important steps in the process, editing. Our experts will edit from a technical perspective, but will also edit from the standpoint of developing the best continuity of thought that conveys the true nature of your story, in addition to reviewing for proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Cover Design and Implementation:   will help you discover the quality that appeals to the very essence of your readers, enticing them to pick up your book out of curiosity and intrigue just by looking at the cover. We'll assist with the cover design, the all-important back jacket verbiage and the author's information.

Interior Formatting:  This is simply the miracle of turning your manuscript into a book. will ensure the interior meets all the requirements for your book to be professionally printed and ready for formatting.

Every winning team has a coach to lead them to victory, and every author needs the help and guidance of an experienced team of professionals that can turn their publishing dream into a reality. Rubio Publishing Consultants wants to work with you throughout the entire development process to lead you to victory.

Producing a quality product at an affordable price requires the knowledge of several areas of expertise. You need a company that has the experience and skills to deliver results in each area. A good tip to remember is to consult with a professional as early in the development process as possible, minimizing mistakes.

Below is a list of services that offers.